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A Comprehensive Guide to Managed Office Spaces: Your Key to Business Growth

Managed Offices in Noida

Managed office spaces, for those who do not know it already, are customizable workspace solutions where a building or business park owner takes care of everything – from designing the offices in a desirable location to managing their day-to-day operations and maintenance. Thus, companies working from managed offices can focus on their respective core businesses and leave it to the office owners to maintain a professional and functional office environment.

IHDP Business Park at Sector 127, Noida is situated along the Noida Expressway. It offers customizable privately managed office spaces that can be designed and furnished according to your needs, preferences, and branding requirements. The managed offices in Noida are in high demand because they offer great flexibility of scaling up and down at short notice – according to your business’s growth trajectory.

Managed office spaces in Noida typically offer space, furniture, utilities, IT infrastructure and support services, cleaning and housekeeping services, reception services, mail and courier services, high-speed Internet, and more – all included in the monthly rent. They are ultimate turnkey solutions that allow businesses to move in quickly and start working – without having to deal with all the logistics related to setting up an office.

Benefits of Managed Office Spaces

Benefits of Managed Office Spaces

Compared to traditional office spaces, managed office spaces (such as the ones in IHDP Business Park) offer the advantages of:

  • Being cost-effective: Managed offices in Noida only charge you for the space you use. You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining furniture and equipment. This makes coworking spaces and managed offices pocket-friendly for new and growing businesses.
  • Enhance productivity: A managed office offers you a professional, distraction-free environment to help you work better. For example, at IHDP Business Park, you find different types of settings (cubicles, private offices, meeting rooms, open seating and lounge areas) to help you work better, cafeterias, living green walls, biophilic office layouts, and a host of amenities and facilities to help you keep working at what you are good at. Managed offices are in the business of running a venue which helps people succeed and that’s their USP!
  • Offers easy scalability: Whether you need to scale up or down, managed office spaces are a boon. You can just rent as many seats you need, for how long you need them, and not worry about lengthy lease negotiations. You don’t have to pay for extra space and utilities waiting for more people to join your team. Managed offices in IHDP Business Park, for example, have a zero lock-in period.
  • Improve focus: Sometimes, small things like maintaining clean workspaces, ordering tea and coffee, attending calls, mailing and receiving courier packages, and providing tech support to your employees – hog precious time of your talent pool. By outsourcing such office management tasks, you can free up your team to focus on their core business objectives – working on things that might help your business best.
  • Enhance brand image: You can never underestimate the power of well-designed and well-managed office space when it comes to creating positive impressions on your clients or visitors. Many managed offices in Noida allow you to customize them (if you opt for a longer lease) to go with your brand image.

What to Keep in Mind When Renting Managed Offices in


How to choose the best managed office space in Noida?

Three key considerations while renting a managed office space should be:

  • Its location,
  • Lease agreements, and
  • Tech support and other facilities it offers.

Best Location for Managed Offices in Noida

Whether you opt for managed offices or self-managed offices, you should always make sure that they are:

  • Easily accessible for your team and commuting to the place is easy, and
  • In proximity to the location of your clients and partners.

We advise you to choose a central location with less travel time so that you can have easy and frequent face-to-face meetings with your clients and partners. We have observed that frequent collaboration and communication foster better business relationships and reduce response times considerably.

A well-connected location with ample parking space and access to public transport also helps you attract top talent. These days, when flexible work arrangments, hybrid jobs, and remote jobs are in vogue, coworking spaces and managed offices in Noida offer an easier way for businesses to manage their teams. If you have salespeople or support personnel in your team who need to travel frequently, a place with lower commuting costs and time can reduce your overall operational costs significantly.

Moreover, a prestigious address in a prime business and the corporate district does wonders for the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

IHDP Business Park, for example, is situated in Sector 127, right on the Noida Expressway. It’s in a prime corporate sector and on a signal-free corridor. It’s close to metro stations and public transport is always available here – and parking is never a problem at IHDP.

Pay Attention to Terms & Conditions in Lease Agreements

While checking out a lease agreement, pay special attention to:

  • Lease term: You need to anticipate your business needs and growth potential if you are signing a long-term lease. However, you can opt for a zero lock-in period at IHDP. Talk to the management about it.
  • Rent and fees: You must understand the monthly rent and any additional fees you might have to pay (such as maintenance fees, utilities, and internet charges). For example, at IHDP, one desk is available at Rs 7,000 per month. But if you opt for extra facilities, you might have to pay extra. You should be clear about how much you need to pay and for what exactly you are paying for (the break-up of your monthly rent).
  • Security deposit: Many managed offices in Noida ask for a security deposit. You need to understand the conditions for its return and what can be the potential deductions.
  • Termination clause: In case you want to terminate the lease early for any reason, you must understand its process and the costs associated with it. Read them carefully while signing the lease. There’s something called ‘force majeure’ – the unforeseen circumstances that can cause the lease to be terminated with immediate effect. Read them well too.
  • Renewal options: Pre-negotiate the terms of renewing your lease. How much the rent will potentially increase? Other things that might come into play at the time. This may help you assess which managed office spaces are better suited for you if you are planning to use them for a long period.
  • Permitted use: Managed office spaces may have specific rules regarding noise limitations (especially if you go for an open layout) or subletting the space you have rented. Read them well and follow them carefully to avoid any hassles later. If you work with music, for example, you might want to opt for a soundproof studio setup instead.
  • Dispute resolution: Besides these, you must pay attention to the process of resolving any disagreements with the office managers or site managers. These might come in handy later.
Check out IHDP Business Park!

We would also recommend you to get a detailed breakup of the rent or fees you pay. Many people complain that managed offices in Noida state a low rent and then charge extra for things like:

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees: These may include extra charges for building maintenance, landscaping, utility costs, and security services.
  • IT and technology fees: Dedicated internet connections, phone lines, and software access may be charged in addition to your monthly rent.
  • Furniture and equipment rental fees: While most managed office spaces come along with furniture and basic equipment, they may be chargeable.
  • Parking fees: Secure parking often comes at an additional cost. IHDP offers free parking space though.
  • Meeting room and conference facility fees: If you book a meeting or a conference room, you may be charged on an hourly or daily basis.

Be clear about what all are included in the stated rent…and what (and how much) will you be charged extra for.

And remember, most often, lease agreements are open for negotiation. So, do not hesitate to discuss the terms, conditions, and hidden costs – and get everything in black and white.

You should also pay attention to double billing, move-in dates mentioned on your invoice, and if Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are clear enough. Seek legal advice if required.

Tech Infrastructure and Support Services

A standardized managed office in Noida usually offers you high-speed internet connectivity (such as dedicated leased lines and fibre optics). You should check the advertised speed (and verify it), learn about the bandwidth limitations, check for low latency for seamless video conferencing, and real-time applications, and what backup internet sources are available in case some glitch happens.

You should check out what security measures have been put in place to protect your data and network – especially in managed office spaces where resources are shared by multiple businesses.

Some of the basic tech infrastructure available and managed office spaces in IHDP Business Park include:

  • Network cabling and Wi-Fi access
    • Free printing and copying facilities
    • Video conferencing equipment, projector, and smart TV in meeting rooms, etc.

You may also ask for basic to advanced software subscriptions as well as specialized hardware you require for your business operations or cloud-based solutions for easier storage and collaboration.

We also have dedicated IT support available on-site to address technical issues immediately and follow all the cybersecurity protocols and guidelines. To learn more about how you can use our managed office spaces to grow your business, contact us today!

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Managed Offices in Noida

A Comprehensive Guide to Managed Office Spaces: Your Key to Business Growth