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Best Rental Offices at IHDP Business Park, Noida

Business Park at Noida Expressway that Offers One-Stop Solution for All Your Business Needs

IHDP (International Home Deco Park) is a prestigious business park in Noida spread across 5 acres. Developed as a modern business hub, it offers fully furnished office spaces, coworking spaces, design studios, product showrooms, digital studios, meeting rooms, performance arts, and training spaces, outdoor gathering areas, restaurants, and cafés.

At IHDP Business Park Noida, we understand that a great workspace should offer more than just a desk and chair. That’s why, we offer self-managed rental office in business park as well as Serenia coworking spaces and managed office spaces that are a sanctuary for productivity, efficiency, creativity, and connection.

IHDP Noida Business Park is truly a one-stop destination for all your business hosting and outreach needs. Ranging from office spaces to event and training spaces to recreational spaces, this business park in Noida is the best destination for all your business hosting and outreach needs.

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Best Features of IHDP Noida Business Park

Verdant Green Areas at Business Park in Noida


This 5-acre rental office in business park features an exquisitely landscaped environment with lush, verdant foliage dispersed throughout both indoor and outdoor areas - encouraging a tranquil ambiance.
Ample Parking Spaces at IHDP Noida Business Park


At IHDP Business Park Noida, more than four hundred vehicles can be accommodated in the designated surface and basement parking areas, ensuring convenient and efficient parking for all patrons.
24/7 Security and CCTV Surveillance in IHDP Business Park at Noida Expressway


IHDP Business Park in Noida has tight security that offers comprehensive protection to all offices and clients. We maintain constant surveillance and enforce various security measures at all points during and after the work day.
Reception Area of IHDP Business Park Noida


Reception services at IHDP Noida Business Park is available throughout the day to help you with multiple menial tasks throughout the day. We are a point of contact for all our tenants - and with our professional staff, you can be sure of making great first (and thereafter) impressions on your clients!
IHDP: Best Sharing Office Space in Noida


IHDP Business Park Noida is barely 45-minute drive away from the airport and 30 minutes away from the Central Business District of the National Capital Region via a 9-lane express highway. It offers easy connectivity and is highly accessible.
IGBC-Certified Silver IHDP Business Park Building


The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which is a branch of the government that incentivizes environment-friendly architecture, gave IHDP business park at Noida Expressway the 'Silver' rating due to the park’s conscious engineering.
Environmental-Friendly Rental Office in IHDP Business Park


Our rental office in IHDP Business Park are designed not only to keep you efficient but also as energy-efficient office spaces. We used heat-conducting materials (like glass) minimally on the surfaces most exposed to the sunlight. This makes our air conditioning system efficient, minimising our carbon footprint and electrical costs without compromising on our clients' comfort.
Centrally-Air Conditioned IHDP Noida Business Park


We have installed energy-efficient water-cooled chillers for central air conditioning in addition to heat recovery units and plant load managers. These measures have had a positive impact on reducing IHDP’s environmental impact.
3-Tier Fire Fighting System for Ultimate Safety

Fire Fighting

Intelligent smoke detection systems have been meticulously installed throughout IHDP with a 3-tier fire fighting system in place, which virtually eliminates any fire hazards from all indoor spaces within the business park.
Solar Power Supply Backup for Rental Offices in IHDP

Energy Saving

A 15,000 KVA solar power supply backup and energy-saving light fixtures in the basement and common areas result in significant energy conservation at IHDP Business Park Noida.

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