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IHDP, which stands for International Home Deco Park, is a futuristic, state-of-the-art, exhibition space in Noida, for temporary as well as permanent purposes. IHDP Business Park Noida’s layout prioritizes clarity of mind, stimulation of creativity and productivity, and client wellness over other superficial considerations - which is what makes IHDP the most coveted managed workspace in Noida.

At our coworking space in Noida, all driven professionals can find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are looking for the best shared workspace in Noida or the most versatile and the best film shooting venue in Noida, IHDP offers you the best office and event space solutions for everyone.

We are the best co-working space in Noida and also offer you access to the most comprehensive and all-purpose events space in Noida. We have incorporated biophilic design inside the Serenia coworking office in Noida as well as the exteriors. You will find plants, water features, living walls, stone, and wood everywhere - creating a calm and soothing working environment for everyone.

IHDP Business Park Noida has emerged as a popular shooting venue for films, ads, and music videos. Not to toot our own horn, but some directors complaining that there is not enough open space for shooting movies in Delhi NCR - have repeatedly returned to IHDP. They have claimed that IHDP was the best movie shooting space in Noida for multiple movie scenes.


Plot No. 7, Sector 127 Noida - 201304

Designed For A Better Life

At IHDP Business Park Noida, our goal is to facilitate as well as augment the success and overall well-being of all our clients. Our extraordinary design studios, product showrooms, digital studios, performance arts arenas, and training studios are designed to ignite creativity and foster productivity.

Furthermore, our patrons say that IHDP is the best coworking space in Noida as we provide an environment where work and relaxation are not mutually exclusive. Hence, their work hours feel at our place are as rejuvenating and effortless as your school recesses used to.

Biophilic Designed Coworking Space
Greenest Coworking Space in Noida

Connection With Nature

The biophilic layout of IHDP Business Park Noida is envisioned to address the human urge to connect with nature. Our coworking office in Noida has ample indoor air-purifying plants. Moreover, our lush, profuse campus greenery truly makes IHDP the ideal commercial space in Noida for rent – to keep you mentally and physically fit while working.

We guarantee that the AQI in our offices, studios and halls would be 40-60% better than the AQI of NCR at any given time. If you are already not convinced that this is the coworking space in Noida you should opt for, our beautiful interior and exterior spaces should convince you that you would love to come here daily to work.

Discover the Perfect Workspace at Serenia IHDP Coworking Space

To offer you the best co-working space in Noida for smaller teams and the shared workspace in Noida for large enterprises, Serenia at IHDP Business Park Noida offers a modern office design that is both stylish and functional. Our workspace transcends the ordinary desk setup with innovative and flexible office solutions.

Whether you are looking for workstations with private cabins or shared desks with storage, we can offer you the perfect setup for your business workspace requirements. Find your ideal workspace today.

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Film Shooting Space in Noida
Natural Plant-Based Coworking Space Noida
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Aman Rathore
Aman Rathore Founder & CEO of Marcadors

The Best part of IHDP is that it looks like a resort and every employee of mine loves working here. Our output has increased since we have shifted to IHDP BUSINESS PARK.

Uttam Kumar
Uttam Kumar Founder & CEO of Frenzopay

The resort like office space often mesmerizes the visitors. Great help in client acquisition and employee retention since we shifted to IHDP. Keep it up!

Hitesh Saini
Hitesh Saini Founder & CEO of Fidem

IHDP has been an amazing companion in my journey, I started my journey here with 7 employees & grew to 85 in 2 years. The service and security of IHDP is appreciable.

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Plot No. 7, Sector 127 Noida - 201304


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