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Enjoy a Greener Workspace at Serenia by IHDP

Serenia by IHDP

Welcome to Serenia by IHDP, where innovation meets sustainability. One of the best business parks in Noida, Serenia offers exceptional features that make this workspace for rent in Noida stands out by blending biophilic office interior design with state-of-the-art facilities.

IHDP: One of the Premier Business Parks in Noida

Greenest Business Park in Noida

IHDP (International Home Deco Park) stands as a futuristic exhibition space that serves well for both temporary and permanent purposes. This managed workspace in Noida’s Sector 127 has become a sought-after hub, offering the best office space, film shooting space, music shoot space, and all-purpose event space. IHDP’s layout prioritizes clarity of mind, creativity, productivity, and client wellness, making it the epitome of managed workspaces in Noida.

Serenia: A Biophilic Oasis

Biophilic Office Interior Design at Serenia by IHDP
  • Connection With Nature: Serenia at IHDP takes pride in its biophilic office interior design sensibilities, addressing the human urge to connect with nature. The incorporation of natural elements such as stone, wood, living green walls, water features, and plants makes Serenia an ideal commercial space in Noida for rent, promoting wellness for both the mind and body.
  • Nature-Inspired Environment: Spanning 5 acres, Serenia features an exquisitely landscaped environment with lush, verdant foliage both indoors and outdoors. This harmonious blend of nature creates a tranquil ambience, setting it apart from other business parks in Noida.
  • Convenient Parking and Location: With designated surface and basement parking accommodating over 400 vehicles, Serenia ensures convenient and efficient parking for all patrons. Located just 45 minutes from the airport and accessible within 30 minutes from NCR’s Central Business District via a 9-lane express highway, Serenia offers unparalleled accessibility.

Sustainability at Its Core

Sustainability is the trend in business parks in Noida
  • Conservation Recognition: Recognized by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), IHDP has received the silver ration for its conscious engineering and commitment to environmentally-friendly architecture.
  • Energy Efficiency: IHDP’s environmentally conscious design includes the minimization of heat-conducting materials and the use of energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, heat recovery units, and plant load managers, all contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
  • Solar Power and Energy Saving: IHDP boasts a 15,000 KVA solar power supply backup and energy-saving light fixtures, resulting in significant energy conservation. This commitment extends to Serenia, creating an eco-friendly workspace for businesses.

Serenia’s Unique Biophilic Features

Green features that make workspace for rent in Noida more desirable
  • Functional Workspaces and Coworking Spaces: Serenia offers elite workspaces tailored to MNC specifications, ranging from smaller footplates to complete floors. Dynamic coworking environments foster creativity and maverick ambition, providing the ideal setting for enthusiastic entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  • Business Suites and Creative Studios: Business suites at IHDP come equipped with amenities promoting productivity and a refreshing atmosphere. Creative studios, bathed in natural light and surrounded by serene water bodies, offer a dreamlike setting for out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Recreational Areas and Eateries: With over 10,000 sq. ft. of recreational space, Serenia ensures a luxury experience at its aesthetic cafes and fancy dining spaces. IHDP’s variety of eateries, from new-age cafes to posh dining spaces, provide a diverse culinary experience.
  • Green Outdoor Spaces with an Amphitheater: IHDP understands the importance of rejuvenation, offering outdoor sitting areas, water features, walking trails, and gardens. The state-of-the-art amphitheatre hosts team-building activities and talent shows in a serene setting, allowing teams to showcase their talents.

Unbeatable Features

  • Environmentally Friendly: Built on 5 acres of encumbrance-free land, IHDP is committed to energy efficiency and conservation. With a silver rating from IGBC, IHDP minimizes the use of glass, utilizes energy-saving light fixtures, and implements rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Security and Safety: IHDP ensures a secure environment with access control, efficient security systems, and a 3-tier fire-fighting system. The implementation of rainwater harvesting and the use of recycled water contribute to the overall green cover.

In conclusion, Serenia by IHDP is not just a workspace; it’s an immersive experience where nature meets innovation. From its biophilic design to its commitment to sustainability, Serenia stands as a beacon of greener workspaces in Noida’s business parks. Explore the ideal blend of functionality, creativity, and environmental consciousness at Serenia. Ready to experience the Serenia difference? Schedule a site visit or learn more about our sustainable workspaces at IHDP Business Park, Plot No. 7, Sector 127 Noida – 201304. Connect with nature, boost creativity, and elevate your workspace experience with Serenia!

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Serenia by IHDP

Enjoy a Greener Workspace at Serenia by IHDP