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How Biophilic Designs Enhance Your Workplace Productivity?

Biophilic Office Design at Serenia by IHDP

In the bustling urban landscape of Delhi NCR, where the concrete jungle often overshadows the serenity of nature, a revolutionary approach is reshaping the way we perceive workspaces. Welcome to the realm of biophilic office design – where the fusion of modern work environments and natural elements gives rise to a paradigm that enhances employees’ well-being and workplace productivity to new heights!

The concept of biophilic office design transcends the traditional notions of office aesthetics. It’s a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates the principles of sustainability, productivity, and environmental consciousness. This blog will unravel the transformative power of biophilic office interior design, particularly in the context of managed office spaces in Noida offered by Serenia by IHDP (situated at Sector 127, Noida).

What does Biophilic Office Design mean and when did the concept originate?

Why do we need a biophilic workspace in Noida?

The term “biophilia,” introduced by social scientist Erich Fromm in 1964, underscores humanity’s innate need for a harmonious link with other life forms. This connection, when severed, has been scientifically proven to induce adverse physical and psychological health effects.

As urbanization burgeons and more than half of the global population resides in cities, the disconnect from nature becomes palpable. Stress-related ailments, decreased productivity, and chronic fatigue are becoming prevalent in urban areas. Biophilic office designs have emerged as a solution to this modern malaise.

Unlike sustainable design, which primarily addresses environmental impact, biophilic design delves into the emotional and psychological facets of human-nature interaction. The roots of biophilic architecture can be traced back to the 2000s when the concept gained prominence in the literature. This paradigm shift sought to re-establish the human-nature bond, especially crucial as urbanization surged, depleting green spaces and natural surroundings.

It was during this time the focus shifted to human-centred, sustainability-oriented approaches, prioritizing physical and mental well-being. Recent studies, such as the one by Meredian Alam, have emphasized the importance of biophilic design in nurturing mental well-being. Another research work by G. Suharjanto et al. demonstrates that biophilic office design significantly influences employees’ welfare, productivity, and creativity.

Offices incorporating natural elements witness a 13% higher level of welfare, a 15% increase in productivity, and a notable boost in creative potential compared to their non-biophilic counterparts.

What are the elements of modern biophilic office design?

Managed office spaces in Noida with biophilic office interior design

In the contemporary evolution of office spaces, the integration of biophilic design has become a pivotal element, aiming not just for aesthetic appeal but also to address the profound connection between humans and nature. The critical elements of modern biophilic office design, as substantiated by research and implementation, include:

  1. Visual Connection with Nature: It includes the strategic incorporation of natural elements like plant colours, flowers, and hues inspired by nature on interior and exterior surfaces. In co-working spaces, this visual connection is cultivated through the design of parks and greenery, creating a serene atmosphere.
  2. Non-Visual Connection with Nature: The integration of natural sounds like birds, plants, and textures within the interior and exterior spaces. This auditory connection enhances the overall biophilic experience for office users.
  3. Water Elements: In areas where users spend substantial time, water features within the workspace’s park areas are highly desirable. They contribute to a calming atmosphere, promoting a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature.
  4. An Open Layout: Ensuring that every space has access to views of other rooms and the surrounding park area creates a sense of openness and connectivity within the co-working space.
  5. Safety: Protective elements such as canopies and cantilevers in building structures, as well as trees strategically placed around the building, offer both protection and direction, contributing to a safer and more natural environment.
  6. Excitement: The use of transparent materials like glass and cantilevered structures creates a perception of danger while ensuring safety. Hence, they add an element of excitement and perceived risk without compromising safety.
  7. Dynamic & Diffused Natural Light: Office spaces that receive a lot of natural light and comfortable artificial lighting that avoids glare in areas without natural light (such as corridors) prevent spaces from feeling dull. It’s also a good sustainable practice and saves energy.
  8. Complexity and Order: The organization of space and the arrangement of the grid to regulate incoming natural light ensures a balanced play of light, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the co-working space.
  9. Biomorphic Form and Pattern: Wood-inspired shapes inside and outside the building can create a cohesive and visually engaging biophilic environment.

Incorporating biophilic design elements is not only about creating visually pleasing spaces but also about fostering a connection with nature that positively impacts the well-being, productivity, and creativity of individuals in the particular workspace. Serenia by IHDP, for example, offers a coworking workspace in Noida that goes beyond traditional office layouts and marks a new era of sustainable office designs that prioritize the human-nature connection.

Psychological Impact of Different Aspects of Biophilic Office Design

Working in biophilic offices reduces stress and enhances workplace productivity

Types of Stimuli and their Psychological Impact

  • Visual Connection with Nature: Lowers blood pressure and heart rate; improves mental engagement and effectiveness; and positively impacts attitude and overall happiness
  • Non-Visual Connection with Nature: Reduces systolic blood pressure and stress hormones; positively impacts cognitive performance; and improves mental health and tranquillity
  • Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli: Positively impacts heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and sympathetic nervous system activity; and improves measures of attention and exploration
  • Thermal & Airflow Variability: Positively impacts comfort, well-being and productivity; positively impacts concentration; and improves the perception of temporal and spatial pleasure (alliesthesia)
  • Presence of Water: Reduces stress, increases feelings of tranquillity, and lowers heart rate and blood pressure; improves concentration and memory restoration, and enhances the perception of psychological responsiveness; and is more preferred and evokes positive emotional responses
  • Dynamic & Diffused Light: Positively impacts circadian system functioning and increases visual comfort
  • Connection with Natural Systems: Enhances positive health responses and shifts perception about the environment

Natural Analogues in Biophilic Office Interior Design and Their Psychological Impact

  • Biomorphic Forms & Patterns: Offers views preferred by employees in the workplace
  • Material Connection with Nature (Use of Stone, Wood etc.): Decreases diastolic blood pressure and improves creative performance; and improves comfort level in office
  • Complexity & Order: Positively impacts perceptual and physiological stress responses; and offers views preferred by employees

Different Aspects of Biophilic Office Interior Design and Their Psychological Impact

  • Prospects or Views: Reduces stress, boredom, irritation, and fatigue; and improves comfort and perceived safety
  • Refuge: Improves concentration, attention, and perception of safety
  • Mystery or Excitement or Perceived Risk: Induces strong pleasure responses and dopamine rush

Source: Study: Qualitative Benefit and Enhancement in Well Being Towards the Biophilic Design in Office Building

Serenia by IHDP offers the best biophilic managed office spaces in Noida

Serenia by IHDP is situated at IHDP Business Park, Sector 127, Noida

Serenia by IHDP offers more than just a workspace; it’s a testament to a modern biophilic office design that prioritizes sustainability, well-being, and environmental responsibility. Here are some of the ways it does so:

  • Biophilic Design Embrace: Serenia by IHDP stands out as a frontrunner in the biophilic design movement, offering managed office spaces that seamlessly integrate nature-inspired elements. Its biophilic design ethos goes beyond mere aesthetics, creating workspaces that prioritize the well-being of occupants.
  • Holistic Design for Enhanced Well-Being: The workplace at Serenia is crafted with a vision for a better life, embracing the biophilic design era. The incorporation of natural elements such as stone, diverse wood types, living green walls, water features, and plants fosters a profound connection with nature.
  • Strengthening Human-Nature Connection: Biophilic design at Serenia is not just a style; it’s a unique architectural framework that reinforces the human-nature connection. The intentional use of natural elements transcends conventional office layouts, offering a workplace that resonates with the essence of the natural world.
  • Sustainable Co-Working Leadership: Serenia, IHDP’s coworking workspace in Noida, takes a pioneering stance in sustainable co-working practices. The commitment to carbon neutrality underscores Serenia’s dedication to environmental consciousness, aligning with the evolving ethos of businesses and individuals.
  • Well-Being, Productivity, and Sustainability: The workspace architecture optimizes natural light, conserves energy, and integrates green spaces, contributing to an environment that enhances both physical and mental wellness.
  • Recognition for Energy Efficiency: IHDP’s commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in its recognition by the CII with the National Energy Management Award 2014. Serenia’s infrastructure, from LED lighting to efficient cooling practices, attains a 3-star rating in energy performance, showcasing a dedication to minimizing energy waste.
  • Comprehensive Waste Reduction: Serenia takes an active stance in waste reduction with comprehensive strategies and recycling programs. Members are encouraged to adopt responsible waste practices through the use of reusable cups, plates, and utensils, aligning with a broader mission to reduce single-use plastics.

Elevate your work experience with Serenia’s thoughtfully designed managed office spaces in Noida, where innovation meets the tranquillity of nature.

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Biophilic Office Design at Serenia by IHDP

How Biophilic Designs Enhance Your Workplace Productivity?