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An Office Space So Beautiful That It Has Become a Popular Film/Ad Shoot Location!

IHDP Business Park Noida is 14 minutes away from Noida Film City

Just 14 minutes away from Noida Film City via Noida Expressway, IHDP (International Home Deco Park) is a prime location for filmmakers seeking the perfect backdrop for their cinematic creations. Spread across 5 acres, IHDP Business Park Noida has an amazing and inspiring campus with various locations that look both good on-screen and off-screen.

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that IHDP is not just a commercial office space in Noida; it’s a futuristic, state-of-the-art exhibition space designed to cater to various needs. Spread across 5 acres, it features a biophilic office design – both indoors and outdoors.

Let us tell you why IHDP Business Park Noida makes a versatile film shooting space, a music shoot location, or an all-purpose events space.

Biophilic Design Sensibilities for Cinematic Excellence

Biophilic Office Design at IHDP

IHDP takes pride in its biophilic design sensibilities, incorporating natural elements such as stone, wood, living green walls, water features, and plants. This unique blend has transformed IHDP into an unparalleled space for shooting in the NCR. Directors, once critical of the lack of open shooting spaces in Delhi, have repeatedly chosen IHDP as the best movie shooting space in Noida for multiple scenes.

The trademark stone sculptures at the entrance of the commercial office space here look like cacti with women’s faces. Their exotic, quirky designs grab the instant attention of all the visitors.

Besides, there are several walking trails, spaces with spiralling waterways, and green spaces outdoors where you can sit down to work, brainstorm creative ideas or innovative solutions, or just chill. Indoors, the biophilic office design elements such as potted plants, water elements, and the use of wood and stone also create workspaces that are soothing and increase productivity and concentration.

Serenia by IHDP: Where Creativity Meets Business Success

Serenia by IHDP Coworking Spaces

Step into the contemporary ambience of the Serenia by IHDP coworking space, which offers more than just a workspace. From private cabins to shared desks with storage, Serenia provides the ideal setup for diverse business requirements, ensuring work and relaxation coexist seamlessly.

The ‘Taaron ke Shehar’ song featuring Neha Kakkar and Sunny Kaushal was shot at IHDP. You can check it out here:

Some of the scenes of the movie ‘Mere Husband ki Biwi’ featuring Arjun Kapoor and Bhoomika Dandekar were also shot at Serenia by IHDP:

This trailer of ‘TVF’s Sapne vs Everyone’ is another shoot that took place at IHDP Business Park Noida:

Do visit this business park in Noida once to experience its beauty firsthand!

Testimonials: A Cinematic Resort for Professionals

Aman Rathore, Founder & CEO of Marcadors: “The best part of IHDP is that it looks like a resort, and every employee loves working here. Our output has increased since we shifted to IHDP Business Park.”

Uttam Kumar, Founder & CEO of Frenzopay: “The resort-like office space often mesmerizes visitors. Great help in client acquisition and employee retention since we shifted to IHDP. Keep it up!”

Hitesh Saini, Founder & CEO of Fidem: “IHDP has been an amazing companion in my journey. I started with 7 employees and grew to 85 in 2 years. The service and security of IHDP are appreciable.”

One-Stop Destination for Business and Creative Needs

Most beautiful commercial office space in Noida

IHDP offers:

  • Palmiva: Our Multipurpose Events, Conference & Banquets Space,
  • fully furnished office spaces,
  • coworking spaces,
  • design studios,
  • product showrooms,
  • digital studios,
  • meeting rooms,
  • performance arts spaces,
  • training spaces,
  • outdoor gathering areas,
  • restaurants, and
  • café.

It’s a sanctuary for productivity, efficiency, creativity, and connection.

IHDP Features and Facilities

  1. Nature-Inspired Design: Exquisitely landscaped environment with lush foliage indoors and outdoors.
  2. Efficient Parking: Over 400 vehicles can be accommodated in designated surface and basement parking areas.
  3. Top-Notch Security: Comprehensive protection with constant surveillance and various security measures.
  4. Reception Services: Hassle-free services available throughout the workday.
  5. Strategic Location: Conveniently accessible from the airport and the Central Business District of the NCR.
  6. Green Building Certification: Recognized by the Indian Green Building Council for environmentally friendly architecture.
  7. Energy-Efficient Practices: Minimization of carbon footprint with solar power backup and energy-efficient lighting.

Stimulating Creativity and Innovation

Palmiva: IHDP’s Multipurpose Events, Conference & Banquets Space

IHDP promotes creativity in the work environment through artwork, natural light, outdoor views, colour, and natural finishes. This leads to improved problem-solving, enhanced productivity, increased employee engagement, and satisfaction.

IHDP Offers Next-Level Workspace Aesthetics

IHDP Business Park Noida goes beyond being a commercial office space in Noida. It’s a testament to how innovative design and a commitment to well-being can transform a workspace into a thriving ecosystem for businesses and cinematic creativity.

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IHDP Business Park Noida is 14 minutes away from Noida Film City

An Office Space So Beautiful That It Has Become a Popular Film/Ad Shoot Location!