IHDP Business Park is a space with a difference. In a knowledge-based economy thoughtful workers equal good business. Designing office spaces for clarity of mind is fundamentally different from designing factories for manufacturing or workshops for assembling, or stores for selling. This thought has led us to the next era of workplace design - the Biophilic design era. Biophilic design is unique in its level of influence because it transcends simple furniture styles and office layouts, and has made a direct impact on contemporary architecture and commercial building practices. This design is an architectural framework that weaves patterns of nature into the built environment, strengthening the human-nature connection. What makes the trend work though, is through the effective incorporation of natural elements such as stone, various types of wood, living green walls, water features, and plants into the interior environment.


A study in UK found that workers with an exposed level of contact with nature were found 15% more productive, than those with minimal contact. This can be attributed to a variety of factors including but not limited to better air quality, greater sense of well being, improved concentration levels and/ or a greater choice of work settings, including outdoor areas.


Plant life in the workplace can vary from a selection of potted plants dotted throughout to elaborate living walls increase oxygen levels in the workplace, which in turn, decreases mental fatigue and increases concentration levels and overall productivity. Better work environment air quality play their part in enhancing staff well being and increased qualitative output.


A more stimulating workplace allows creativity to flourish, and can be nurtured through the inclusion of artwork, wall arts and graphics, but also simple improvements like access to natural light (and views of the outdoors), incorporating color and including natural finishes can also have a positive impact. These go a long way in influencing thought process and generate new ideas



When you are out to start your maiden business venture the space plays a very important role in shaping the interaction dynamics between the team and your collaborating partners. If you are placed in a buzzing hive of energy, the multiplier effect would have tremendous impact on your business journey, often help you accelerate and move to the higher stages.


Designed to make an impression can only increase your capital outflow and break your budget. Instead our serviced office spaces offer the best amenities you need to kick-start your business such as spacious work desks with individual storage units accompanied by comfy chairs, great pantry services, reception services for premium guest relations, lounge for quick meet-ups, sky cafe to unwind after work and more.


The modular nature of IHDP will be of tremendous advantage as your business grows forward. You can add number of seats, cabins, meeting rooms and service spaces. We would be happy to partner with you in your path to success and we assure you of our complete support in taking care of all your infrastructural requirements required by you to grow and prosper.