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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore the answers you need on our FAQs page, tailored to guide you through the seamless experience of securing a coworking office space in Noida at IHDP Business Park. Learn about the perks and amenities that make our coworking office in Noida the ideal choice for professionals seeking a collaborative and innovative workspace.

Got questions about how to cowork in Noida or the benefits of a shared office in Noida? Our FAQs section is designed to provide clarity on everything you need to know, ensuring you make informed decisions for your professional journey in our vibrant business community at IHDP Business Park.

So, let’s begin.

IHDP offers three types of workspaces: Co-working, Managed Office space and Self Managed (Conventional) Office Space.

Our co-working office space has multiple options like fixed open seats, cabins (1-10 seater), meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms, board room, Director Cabin and many more.

Managed Office Space stars from INR 7000/Seat plus taxes and Self Managed Office space starts from INR 65/ sq ft for furnished spaces. We charge INR 23/sq ft for maintenance for all types of workspaces.

IHDP and Serenia Co-working provide both long-term and short-term lease options as per clients’ requirements and comfortability.

IHDP takes every step to ensure safety and security, like security guards, CCTV, Dedicated Support Staff, Authorised Service Providers, Digital Parking System and many more.

IHDP provides completely customised layouts and furniture. 

Yes, tenants can bring their own furniture as well and modify it as per their requirements.

Serenia Coworking provides access to the meeting room and conference room and it can be booked on prior notice by reaching out to the Floor Manager.

IHDP also provides meeting rooms and conferences on a chargeable basis.

Serenia and IHDP take hygiene very seriously and keep the workspace clean and tidy. Housekeeping is also available on call request.

IHDP organizes different events for the tenants and tries to bring the best out of the community by providing a platform to know each other and help each other to grow together.

IHDP provides completely customized office space and tenants can make modifications to the existing layout. 

Yes, tenants can bring their own furniture after discussing it with the floor manager.

Yes, complimentary meeting room access is provided and it is available on a chargeable basis as well.

Co-working office space is a place where just plug-and-play facilities are provided and in office space, common areas are maintained by the property owner but units are managed by tenants.

It depends on the individual requirement.

You will need a 5-6 seater cabin.

In managed spaces, you can opt for a 100-seater private office. In self-managed office spaces, you can book a 6000 to 8000 sq ft area.

Both are fine but a co-working space gives you an ambience of competition, a different working style, a business address, and many more things that are traditionally only available in conventional office-setups.

It gives you a prime address for your business and community to achieve your dreams.

Co-working is a plug-and-play option where you don’t need to manage anything like housekeeping, maintenance, security, internet, printer, electricity, AC, etc. Usually, managing all these things becomes expensive over time.

Search on Google, read reviews, shortlist a few, visit one by one, and then compare their offerings.

We make money by providing flexible office space on rent and some of our services that are chargeable.

It depends on your geographic requirement but a few cities that have the best co-working infrastructure are Bengaluru, Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

It is mostly used by start-up companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and those who don’t want to manage multiple things related to office space.

Shared offices include Coworking Office Spaces, Corporate Event Halls, Board Room on Rent, etc.